Tuesday | May 6th, 2014

TCAF 2014!

I’ll be at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival May 10-11th in Toronto, at Table #269!

I’ll have copies of Macchina Volume 1, Macchina Volume 2 (!!!!!!), Kindling V1, Ghostbook, Corgi-zine and some prints, along with an AWESOME very phallic ducks touching tote bag :) Hope to see you there! <3

TCAF and Original Comic Pages for Sale!

April 25th, 2012

NEWS! I’ll be exhibiting at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival May 5-6! I’ll be driving up from Washington, DC, a wonderful 12 hour car ride….. Well- I am totally flat broke, so in an effort to pay for my gas/tolls and hotel for TCAF, I’m having AN ORIGINAL PAGE SALE!!!! WOOO!!! Macchina original comic boards for everyone..!!!!!!

Since I started drawing Macchina in 2007, I’ve been holding onto my original comic boards. I started out drawing Macchina on 11 x 17 Blue Line Pro comic boards. Mid Chapter 6 I stopped inking by hand, switching to digital (Manga Studio) and by the first part of Chapter 7, I switched to drawing my pencils on 8.5 x 11 xerox paper.

I have four huge portfolios of comic pages that have been languishing in my storage trunk in the basement for years. I’ve been meaning to sell them for a while now, but rescanning all these pages proved to be a MONUMENTAL task! BUT IT’S FINALLY DONE!

If you’ve ever wanted to own your favorite pages from Chapters 1-6 (and part of 7), now is your chance! You can check out my BIG CARTEL store to jump on this! Inked pages start at $25 (more for covers and double-page spreads), penciled pages as low as $5 (unless you count the one i spilled wine on, that one is seriously 50 cents).


BUY 4 PAGES GET 1 FREE – (For Inked Pages) – use promo code GETONEFREE – Because of Big Cartel’s system of discounts, the trigger to use this code is to have $125 worth of original pages in your cart (5 inked pages) and then the discount code will take $25 off your order. Get your favorite scene! (you know you want that scene of Perth and Aiden on the roof eating tomatoes and smoking in chapter 3!)

Temporary Hold

August 23rd, 2011

Macchina is on a temporary hold until after SPX (Small press expo) September 10-11! I am working on a 15 page prologue to a comic (Kindling) that I will be printing for the convention. It is a PAID comic project, so it kind of takes precedence over Macchina! I’m sorry guys..!! ;____; I have 5 double page spreads left to pencil (10 pages), and then ink the whole 15 page project, with about 17 days until the convention!


RE: Update Schedule and Upcoming Releases/Conventions

May 22nd, 2011

Update Schedule
Macchina is updated on average every 10 days. I’m trying to pick up the pace on this, to get it down to a solid once or twice a week, but as of right now it’s proving unlikely. I post progress images on my Tumblr, or keep up with my Twitter or watch me (or the Macchina community) on DeviantArt for notifications of when I update.

Upcoming Releases
I’ve signed a contract to draw the prologue to what might be a steady, long-term comic project. The project is called Kindling, and it is post-apocalyptic and written by a writer I very much admire (my old ST from the Exalted game before he moved to Chicago, Jason). The thumbnails and roughs for the first 10 pages can be found on Deviantart as well as on Tumblr. It is 15 pages, full color, and will hopefully be completed and printed for Small Press Expo in Bethesda, MD, Sept 10-11.

I will also be (fingers crossed) getting the Chapter 7 lineart to Tifany to flat, and have a Chapter 7 book (in color) for SPX as well, but I’m not sure if I can pull off two new books for one convention. It might have to wait until Nekocon.

Upcoming Conventions

I will have tables at:
-Otakon: Baltimore, MD
July 29-31
-Small Press Expo: Bethesda, MD
September 10-11
-Intervention: Bethesda, MD
September 16-18

One after another

October 3rd, 2010

Finally move into my lovely new place.. and then I drop my phone onto my laptop, and now the screen isn’t displaying properly.

So, here I go, off to find a temporary external monitor because I can’t afford to replace my computer.

I’m not sure when my next update will be. Hopefully this week. I get paid on Tuesday and can buy a monitor then.


So much rage inside me.


August 30th, 2010

Just an FYI to everyone reading my comic- I recently moved out of my apartment in DC and am staying with a friend. I don’t have a new place to live yet, and my scanner is in storage until I can find a place. I have a page almost finished that I will post up soon, but at this point I am more concerned with finding a place to live than updating the comic. Stay tuned to my twitter for the latest updates.

<3 Dea

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